List Building Made Easy

If you’re looking to make money online, or perhaps you’ve had some success but you’re looking to ramp things up and maybe even automate your income,there’s no better way than with email marketing.
You see, email marketing is all about building laser-targeted groups of buyers.Your job is really just to gather as many buyers as you can and then drip-feed them content that will keep them clicking open on your emails.

Monetizing is the easy part!
How so?
Well, as you probably already know, the easiest way to monetize your email campaigns is to send out high-quality affiliate offers.These are packages, products and training programs from marketplaces like Amazon, JVZoo, and even ClickBank (and the list goes on).
In fact, you can promote far more than just one-off products.  And if you’re interested in generating an ongoing income from each subscriber, you’re better off promoting recurring products such as:
Mailing List Providers (like Aweber who pay you
monthly via Paypal) Hosting Providers (like BlueHost or HostPapa). 

I use Host Papa as my hosting company check them out here.

Membership Programs (where you’ll earn a fraction of the monthly charge every single month that a member renews their account) – And much more.

The key is to build mailing lists around specific niche markets. So you never want to create an all-in-one list (unless you’re focusing on a wide market like Internet Marketing or Making Money Online). That way, your segmented groups are easy to cater to.You know what they want and why they signed up for your email list.Then, you can carefully choose products and services to promote knowing they’ll likely respond. And when you do that, you’ll automatically start
Making money.

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