Segmenting For Profits

Email List Building

The importance of creating segmented mailing lists. One of the biggest mistakes that I’ve seen email marketers make is in creating mass mailing lists that are filled with buyers from many different markets.Sure, you could make a few bucks from these lists but chances are, your message will end up lost in translation, especially if you are unable to carry a consistent theme throughout your campaigns.

People subscribe to mailing lists in order to receive
specific information.They don’t join to be bombarded by various offers from
dozens of markets – most of which they won’t even likely
care much about.That’s the fastest way to lose subscribers. Trust me,
I made the same mistake when I first started out. If you want your income to double – triple, even quadruple,then you need to segment your lists.

So, how do you do this easily?
You’ll want to create a series of squeeze pages, each one
with a different incentive offer that’s strictly geared
towards the topic of your mailing list.For example, if you’re interested in making money by
promoting products that teach people how to build profitable blogs, your squeeze page should offer a free report, article, guide or video that teaches them SOMETHING about blogging.
And make sure it’s geared towards their current level.

What do I mean?
If your niche is bloggers who are looking to make money blogging, then you can assume that their level is at the beginning. They’re newbies. They need hand-holding. If you are targeting bloggers who are already making money, but who want to increase their income with blog-style
side hustles, then their level will be different.It’s up to you to figure out what level they’re at, who
your audience really is, and what they will best respond to.This takes a bit of research for sure, but it’s really not that difficult to do.

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